Do you travel?

Yes we do! We serve weddings within 1 hour from the Sacramento area without a travel fee. Depending on where your wedding is, we’ll negotiate travel fees to cover basics like mileage and hotel stay where needed. For exact expenses, it’s best to bring up your location needs during our consultation so that we can do the math for you.

Do you require a deposit?

To reserve your date, we require a 25% first payment and a signed agreement. We can go over specifics about the agreement during our consultation. Remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding date.

Why do we need to meet you in person before signing our contract?

Your wedding photographer is the one vendor that will be with you your ENTIRE wedding day. First and foremost, we’re meeting to make sure that we LIKE each other! Investing in a full-service vendor is important to preserve some of the most important memories of your life, and it should be with someone you dig enough to share your special day with. Aside from that, we get to go through specifics about how we can work together and we get to answer any questions you might have prepared and to address some spur of the moment quandaries.

How far in advance do I need to book you?

Our wedding dates are on a first-come, first-served basis. As soon as you know your wedding date and venue, reach out to us to get the booking process started.

If my wedding runs longer than expected, will you stay?

Of course we will! Extra time is based on an hourly rate (see pricing section). We’ll either touch base with you or your wedding coordinator prior to our time running out to coordinate how much longer we should stay. Balance can be taken care of after your wedding evening.

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

Literally ANYONE can take a good picture. (IG and Tiktok has plenty of proof of this.)

We offer a wedding photography service that implies that we know so much more:

We’ll work with you before your wedding date to make sure you have a photography schedule that works best for your day and we know how to be flexible if an overall schedule doesn’t go as planned. We also know how to make guests feel at ease with having a photographer present at all times. We look to capture not only portraits and memories, but also all the moments you didn’t know were happening during your wedding. And after your wedding, we continue to work with you to help preserve the memories we’ve captured on your wedding day.

We’re genuine people with great senses of humor and love interacting with the people we work with. What you see is what you get with us, and we’ll never BS or just tell you what you need to hear. We’ll always be looking out for you and your needs in both photo and as a human being during our time together.

Do you have a full wedding example that I can review?

For sure. After Lolita feels out what your wedding appointment will be like, she’ll show you a couple of comparable digital albums we’ve delivered to couples in the past. This way, you can see a better example of what quantity and quality of product you’ll receive if you hire us.

We have a budget of $XXXX. Is there a collection we can customize at that price point?

Totally! Let’s chat about your budget and needs during our consultation and piece together a custom package that can work for your budget and needs.



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